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Refresh Your Bedroom with Teen Bedding

Teen bedding can update and enliven a bedroom in a matter of minutes. Shop for punchy colours, pretty patterns,  new materials and more to swap out old blankets and sheets for new, exciting looks. If you're looking for a total overhaul, start with the basics--a new mattress topper or duvet inserts--then move onto the pieces that make a visual impact. Sheets, pillowcases, coverlets and more can make a major impact in any bedroom.

Teen Bedding Basics

If you're redecorating, moving to college, swapping rooms or just elevating the atmosphere, begin your transformation with teen bedding basics.

  • Browse mattresses for new levels of support when asleep or to fit a new headboard or bed frame.
  • Add a mattress topper to new or existing mattresses for an extra layer of cushioning, plus other features like water or stain resistance.
  • Freshen pillows by replacing inserts for fluffy comfort and sleep hygiene. You should be changing your pillows every year or two, no matter what you decide for design.
  • Check out duvet inserts to upgrade an old duvet or warm up with the change of seasons.

Teen Sheets for Comfort and Style

The quickest to upgrade your teen bedding is to change the sheets. Shop for delightful new styles, colours and patterns to create a new vibe or the gift of a surprise.

  • Sheet sets include a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases in most instances. Sometimes, the pillowcases are separate, or you may want to order an extra set. Many people keep extra sets on hand in case you don't feel like using a pillow sham sometimes.
  • Treat your teenager to gorgeous, grown-up styles, like the patterns of Lilly Pulitzer. These signature prints include orchids, flamingos and a generally jaunty tropical flair that brightens up a bedroom.
  • Other beautiful choices include fresh colours, like a vibrant teal green or delicate seashell pink. You can pick classics like a dot pattern or striped border against white, too.

Quilts and Comforters

Add the top layers of teens bedding with duvets, comforters and quilts. Match your sheet sets exactly or complement a room double of layers with interesting mixes.

  • Signature prints or motifs stand out even more when you choose top layers to showcase your selections. Harry Pottery and Lilly Pulitzer bedding let teens indulge in their favourites.
  • Choose modern looks, like ruching, ombre, geometric patterns or coastal beachy styles. The colours and patterns of these styles let your teenager enjoy a lot of versatility in her decor choices.
  • Boho chic bedrooms are totally on trend right now. While floral prints are a classic, this look is oversized and bright.

Finish off your teen bedding with all the extras, like throw pillows, a canopy or extra top blankets to create a uniquely styled bedroom.