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Bedroom Lighting to Make Your Space Spectacular

Illuminate your space in style with bedroom lighting that's designed just for you. Choose from table and desk lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lighting, and wall and string lights to create the perfect glow for relaxing, homework and get-togethers.

The best-lit rooms are not always the brightest - but they do feature ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Each type of lighting serves a different purpose:

  • Ambient bedroom lighting usually comes from a ceiling light fixture. This is the most important layer of light in your space, because even if you don't have lamps and decorative lights, this is what lets you flip on the switch and make it from Point A to Point B. Floor lamps can add to a room's ambient light, particularly if they reflect light off the ceiling.
  • Task lighting lets you zero in on something specific, like reading or homework, with or without your overhead light on. It usually comes in the form of floor lamps and table lamps. Lamps that reflect light off the ceiling create ambient light rather than task lighting, but lamps that shine at eye-level can be used for task lighting. You'll get the most use from task lighting near your bedroom vanity, on your nightstand and near your desk.
  • Accent lighting is usually used decoratively rather than to create light, but you can use it to create a dramatic display. Accent lights can highlight your room's best features or they can be the best feature, like a neon sign, string lights or a marquee mirror.

Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling lights can be simple or elaborate. Trendy lights, like funky flush-mounted fixtures, or classically beautiful chandeliers and pendants can transform an ordinary bedroom lighting system into an extraordinary one. Choose from glass, wood or metal - or a combination of any of them - to find the right look for your space.

Floor Lamps

There are three main types of floor lamps: those that illuminate the ceiling, those that illuminate the area below them and those that do both. Lamps that light up the ceiling contribute to a room's ambient light, but not task lighting; those that adjust or are fixed toward the floor can be used for task lighting. Pick a tall, elegant lamp with a chandelier-style shade, a floor lamp with a set of adjustable spotlights or a standard lamp with a shade in your favourite colour to add this key element to your bedroom lighting scheme.

Table and Desk Lamps

Table and desk lamps are great for brightening focused spaces and adding a splash of style to your bedroom. They're available in a huge range of styles, shapes and sizes, and they come with a wide variety of shades - and that means they're incredibly customizable. You can pick a fun, whimsical lampshade over a simple, elegant base or something elaborate enough to serve as your space's focal point.

Wall and String Lights

Accenting your space with wall and string lights makes it warmer and more inviting, turning it into the kind of place where you'll love spending your time. Wall lights, like LED light-up signs, add an industrial style element to your decor, while lightboxes are whimsical and fun. String lights stretched across your ceiling, hanging from your wall or captured beneath a cloche are fabulous accents, too.

The main principle in bedroom lighting is to create several options in ambient light, task lighting and accent lights. That way, you can customize the lighting for your needs, whether you're studying, meditating, hanging out with friends or relaxing.